Steven Bridgland
(United States)

Our Environmental Legacy
Giving Litter A Voice

“The trash and litter of nature disappears into the ground with the passing of each year,
but the litter of mankind has more permanence.”
~ John Steinbeck

Too often we conveniently overlook litter in nature – choosing to ignore the jarring shapes and colors of our daily waste that distastefully decorate the earth.  We expect Mother Nature to digest our detritus and absorb our pollution. 

This photographic project attempts to give nature a voice by confronting the viewer with litter in nature alongside the 2008 poem, Litter, by MF Cowan. 

I invite you to change your behaviors today in order to shape your own environmental legacy for tomorrow.  One piece of litter at a time, be it yours or someone else's.

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Litter BridgeLitter Bridge

Litter Bridge

There’s litter all around us.
There’s litter on the street.
There’s litter in the bushes.
There’s litter at your feet.

This Seat is TakenThis Seat is Taken

This Seat is Taken

Pick that litter up son.
Take it over there!
I know you didn’t drop it
And I know that life’s not fair!

New ShootsNew Shoots

New Shoots

It’s always someone else’s fault.
It’s never ever me.
Here today, gone tomorrow
Moved elsewhere for free.
But someone has to clear it.
That someone must be paid.
That someone must be paid by you
As they clear up with their spade.

Litter LeavesLitter Leaves

Litter Leaves

And what about the animals
Who try to reach inside
The going moldy bag of crisps
(Barbecue, deep fried)?

Soda TreeSoda Tree

Soda Tree

You dropped the packet
And thought, oh what the heck
You could be trapping something
By the feet or claws or neck.



And doesn’t it look filthy as it
flutters in the wind?
The bag of chips and chocolate wrapper
You really should have binned.



None of us like litter
Though we liked what came inside.
Perhaps it’s time we cleaned up our act
Restored our sense of pride.

Going Down the DrainGoing Down the Drain

Going Down the Drain

There’s litter all around us
And it’s a filthy sin,
When at your feet just yards away
There lies an empty bin.

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