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Nurturing Artistic Vision

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Kaisa Sirén, Morag Paterson, and I (Stephanie Johnson) are in the process of building a collaborative, continuous learning membership community, with a planned launch date of June 1st. 

This new initiative will be a collaborative, continuous learning community, which has been inspired by our Beginnings Workshops...one which offers an ongoing, rolling, monthly workshop-style environment, with new themes, content, and live sessions each month....all with the goal of helping you grow in your ICM photography and helping you tap more deeply into your own creativity...in a supportive, encouraging, safe atmosphere that will help nurture your artistic vision.

The three of us each have a true love and passion for ICM photography, for sharing what we have learned and know with others, and for encouraging and guiding others toward their own creative and artistic fulfillment, and we are excited for the opportunity to build a meaningful community with each of you as a valuable part of that, and
this new community is borne from the desire we each have to build a more inclusive learning community based on ICM.

Doing this as a membership model will make it accessible to more people and will cost less than the more intensive and time-restricted 5-week workshops.  Plus, there is the added benefit of becoming part of a larger, growing community of more serious ICM photographers to interact and network with, as well.

In addition to the regular monthly content you will receive, we have big plans for bringing in guest photographers and speakers who can offer additional learning content for you, collaborative interviews with other artists, and a whole host of additional content/opportunities throughout the year that the general public will not have access to.

Members will also receive discounted rates on future, full-length, immersive workshops...both online and in-person location-specific workshops, once travel becomes less restrictive...as well as other things such as private mentoring, full portfolio reviews, and more.

We are building a list of people interested in this membership community, and the people on this list will be kept updated on our behind the scenes progress and will be the first ones notified when we are ready to go live with this new community.  

The first 100 people to sign up for an annual membership when it is launched will be our Founding Members and will receive a discounted rate of $150...which will remain the same for as long as they continue their membership with us.

Then, anyone who signs up before July 1st, will receive a discounted rate of $175.

Beginning on July 1st, the annual membership price will be $200.

If you are interested in this new membership community, please click the button below to have your name placed on the list to be notified when it is ready to launch.

Download the Flyer