Renee Lynn
(United States)

Santa Fe Modern
Colors of Zocolo

The inspiration for this photographic series is Zocolo, a Santa Fe community set beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Its contemporary structures have a symbiotic relationship with the terrain and culture of New Mexico.  The buildings evoke the warm palette of the arid desert, buoyant with bands of color.  Omitting realistic interpretation, one can bring out from the subject the delight, beauty, and joy in the colors and shapes, and perhaps experience the happiness of sharing life in a well-designed community.

American abstract painters like Agnes Martin, Richard Diebenkorn, and Georgia O’Keeffe, all of whom lived in New Mexico, are an inspiration to me.  The sense of place and vibrant colors of New Mexico create an imaginative field of light, shadow, and expressive shapes in their ever-changing form.

Original Inspiration 
Georgia O’Keeffe ~ American Artist (1887-1986)
O'Keefe Museum

Series PanelSeries Panel

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Adobe AbodeAdobe Abode Adobe Abode
La VentanaLa Ventana La Ventana
VerticalityVerticality Verticality
Santa FeSanta Fe Santa Fe
Golden PortalGolden Portal Golden Portal
CottonwoodCottonwood Cottonwood
Desert HueDesert Hue Desert Hue
La EscaleraLa Escalera La Escalera

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