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Morning Thoughts

I have been a little bit lost with my artistic work lately...not having stories to tell, or actually not coming up with ideas for the stories.  I take a lot of wonderful single images, but the ideas for the stories have been lost.  During this photo workshop, I realized, I do not allow myself to take time to think, get inspired, and do planning. So, I decided to concentrate on that subject.

As a prompt to my inspiration, I used a piece of music by composer Arvo Pärt, accompanied by random words from a dictionary.  While listening to the music and the repetition of the words, the series cleared in my head with the working name, “Morning Begins with Thinking.”

I journaled my thoughts, wrote down sentences, listened to my inner self, and drew a script on a piece of paper.  I then looked for reference photos and finally went out with the camera.  I wanted to visualize this small story, to remind myself of the importance of taking time to do plans, get inspired, and look for ideas from other artist’s  work.  And, the result of all this thinking is this series of images...Morning Thoughts.  I also put together a morning Yoga class at my gallery, to have the mornings start peacefully and in harmony.  The first two Yoga classes are now done, and it is superb! Additionally, I have at least 3 new ideas for new series of stories!

Series PanelSeries Panel

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MorningMorning Morning...
Morning Begins with ThinkingMorning Begins with Thinking

Morning begins with thinking.

My Own Silent MomentMy Own Silent Moment My own silent moment.
Road Leading to the UnknownRoad Leading to the Unknown Like a road leading to the unknown
What is Thinking?What is Thinking? What is thinking?
What is a ThoughtWhat is a Thought

What is a thought?  That much-desired end-result.

Something TangibleSomething Tangible Something tangible, like a bird soaring the sky?  Something to grasp.
A Feather FallingA Feather Falling Or, is it something quiet, like a feather falling on the ground?

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