Janice Unitt


Walking Away
A Personal Journey

This series of images is a reflection of feelings.  A situation that arose because of a willingness to act as ‘The Rescuer’ in a situation that was not of my creating, but that in turn, due to my inability to say no, found me then as ‘The Victim.’

Through the dark times of chaos, there was always the strength to carry on and always chinks of  light on the horizon.

And then … a conscious decision to remove myself from the security of the chaos and walk away.

Original Inspiration
Walking Away
Sung by Craig David, MBE
Walking Away Music Video on YouTube

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Rough with the SmoothRough with the Smooth

Rough with the Smooth

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, however difficult it may be, I believe we are given periods of respite to catch our breath and regain the strength to carry on and see things through.

Sucked InSucked In

Sucked In

And before I knew it, or realized what was  happening, I was somewhere I did not want to be.

Strength in the ChaosStrength in the Chaos

Strong in the Chaos

However difficult the situation was, and whatever chaos surrounded me, I did not believe I was being given something I did not have the strength or ability to deal with.

Secure in the ChaosSecure in the Chaos

Secure in the Chaos

However difficult and dark the situation was at times, somehow there was a security in what I knew, even if this was an uncomfortable and unbearable place.


Freedom to ComeFreedom to Come

Freedom to Come

And when I reached the place where I could be kind to myself and have time to think, there was a relief in knowing that this would not last forever…

here was a light at the end of the tunnel and a freedom to come.

Looking forwardLooking forward

Looking Forward

I could look forward.

Maybe with fear, maybe with excitement, maybe with a mixture of other emotions, but I could look forward.

There was a way out.

Letting GoLetting Go

Letting Go

And then I was in the place where I was able to let go.  To put things behind me, forgive where I needed to and come to the realization that I also played my part. 

It was time to ‘lighten the load’ and move on.

Walk Away from the DarknessWalk Away from the Darkness

Walk Away from the Darkness

To look forward to new opportunities and horizons…

Walk Away from the Darkness and leave the past behind.

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