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Kaisa Sirén



Speechless Sea

Sea is a big mystery...its beauty and ever changing colours, its power and silence.  It forms a world unknown, all inexplicable.  Sea is unselfish and unpredictable.  It is cold and warm, and it is vast.  It connects the continents, and it connects us.  We need the sea, but it does not need us.  The sea cannot be overpowered.  It has its own will and complexity, and it is full of mysteries. 

There are the ancient shores, the spray of whales, a home for birds, and a bottom filled with creatures still unknown.  In an instant, all of these can be covered by a thick fog...like my eyes being misted over when thinking of its future. 

May we keep the sea?  Can we nurture it?  Is it too late?

Maybe we still have time. 

Original Inspiration

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Final Series

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