Online ICM Photography, Creativity, & Mindfulness Courses

(Coming Soon)

We are in the process of building a library of stand-alone, on-demand, virtual courses in the areas of ICM photography,  creativity, artistic vision, the ICM/Art connection, and mindfulness photography.  We are hoping to launch the first offerings at the beginning of 2022, with titles such as:

  • ICM Photography Fundamentals
  • Advanced ICM Photography
  • Impressionism in ICM Photography
  • Abstraction in ICM Photography
  • Environmentalism in ICM Photography
  • Deeper Explorations in Creativity
  • Finding Your Personal Style and Artistic Vision
  • Mindfulness & Presence with ICM Photography
  • and many more over time

Additionally, members of our ICMPhotoMag Network will always have the opportunity of registering for Mentoring, Workshops, and Courses at a members-only discounted rate.