Online ICM Photography, Creativity, & Mindfulness Courses

(Coming Soon)

We are in the process of building a library of stand-alone, on-demand, virtual courses in the areas of ICM photography,  creativity, artistic vision, the ICM/Art connection, and mindfulness photography.  We are hoping to launch the first offering at the middle of 2022, with the first course being ICM Photography Fundamentals.

Additional courses we are still in the process of fleshing out are:

  • Advanced ICM Photography
  • Impressionism in ICM Photography
  • Abstraction in ICM Photography
  • Environmentalism in ICM Photography
  • Deeper Explorations in Creativity
  • Finding Your Personal Style and Artistic Vision
  • Mindfulness & Presence with ICM Photography
  • and many more over time

Additionally, members of our ICMPhotoMag Network will always have the opportunity of registering for Mentoring, Workshops, and Courses at a members-only discounted rate.