ICMPhotoMag June 2020
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June 2020 - Inaugural IssueJune 2020 - Inaugural Issue 1-ICMPhotoMag-June20201-ICMPhotoMag-June2020


The inaugural issue remains available for purchase.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to the product, which contains an online version of the e-magazine, as well as a single-page pdf download and a facing-page pdf download.

Single Quarterly Issue ~ $15 (US)

A truncated sample version of the e-magazine may be viewed here:

Truncated Sample of June Issue of ICMPhotoMag

The full version has 318 pages (in 160 spreads), with loads of beautiful images and interesting written content, as well as a basic ICM tutorial, an ICM exercise, and a mentorship opportunity.

This short sample version provides a general idea of the layout and quality of the e-magazine, in the hope it will inspire you to purchase the full issue or to subscribe annually.