How to Make a Featured Photographer Submission for Consideration

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work for consideration to ICM Photography Magazine (ICMPhotoMag).

Featured Photographer ~ Required Materials for Submission  

If after reading through all the information below you are still interested in submitting your work for consideration in an upcoming issue of the e-magazine, this is what I ask you to provide: 


  • 8-15 jpg images of your best spot-free ICM work that best reflect your ICM technique and style (at least 2000px on the long side, no watermarks or logos, no frames, no borders, and previously unpublished, if possible but not required).  I will make a selection of preferred images for publication among those submitted, or I may ask you for additional images based on other work I might see of yours that I would prefer to have for the magazine.
  • Titles and/or descriptions of your images
  • Photo of yourself
  • Short bio / artist statement
  • A written article about how you came to work with the ICM technique, how your technique and processes have grown and/or evolved, how ICM enables you to express yourself creatively in a unique way.  Additional ideas for your article might include thoughts about your art as an ICM photographer, your creative process, your artistic philosophy, or anything you might want to say about the ICM genre of photography (minimum 750 words). Your article should be substantive, meaningful, and thoughtful.  The articles in this publication are meant to be as much about the written ideas, thought processes, and words of the photographers as they are about the images.
  • Links to your photography website and/or all social media platforms
  • One ICM tip you would give as advice to someone just starting out with ICM

Where to Submit

The preferred method for submissions is via this link

Featured Photographer ~ Google Form Submission

I do not generally accept unsolicited submissions outside of the Submission Form, unless I am already familiar with your work.  If for some reason the Submission Form does not work for you, please send an email to [email protected] to let me know, along with a link to where your ICM work can be viewed so that I can gauge the quality of your work, and we can then discuss how to move forward from there with a submission via another method.   

Once I’ve had a chance to review your submission, I will be in touch to discuss the options for when it might be possible to have your work featured. 

Pay for Featured Photographer Content   

ICM Photography Magazine pays photographers for their accepted and published content as featured photographers, as well as for full length topic articles published in the e-magazine, each quarter.  

Currently, payments for accepted and published featured photographer content is $125 USD.

You will, of course, also receive, for free, the issue where your featured photographer content is published.  If you have paid for an annual subscription, the payment for your content will be adjusted to reimburse you for the particular issue where your work is featured based on your subscription price. 

I feel it is imperative to compensate photographers for their work, and as the e-magazine and community grow, future payments for featured content will hopefully increase.  I want this project to be a benefit to the photographers themselves, not just a benefit to my own self-interest.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Thank you for your time and interest in being a part of this project.


Founder and creator of 
ICM Photography Magazine