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City Views

New York City includes over 8 million residents, thousands of businesses, and is a major financial and cultural center.  It is the focus of myriad story lines; both fictional and true.  It contains vast wealth and crushing poverty; beauty and decrepitude; opportunity and exploitation.

So, when I researched famous quotes about New York City, it was no surprise to find a wide range of views.

I am lucky at this point in my life to be able to spend time exploring this city.  And I hope to spend even more – including wandering the city with my camera. 

I linked the essence of some of these quotes with ICM images of New York City – not only its attractive side, but also a darker view.

Original Inspiration

Final Series

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“spitefully incoherent”

― James Baldwin



“solidity and continuity”

― E.B. White



“bright lights and shuttered shops”

― Teju Cole



“size and turbulence”

― E.B. White



“mystery and beauty”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald



“sucked orange”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson



“shimmering verticality”

― Frank Lloyd Wright



“rhythmical perspectives 
of glowing dotted lines”

― Frank Lloyd Wright



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