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Members of the ICMphotoMag Facebook Group were asked to submit their best themed ICM images reflecting the mystery, magic, and darkening days of Autumn.

There were 92 images submitted for consideration, and 12 images were then shortlisted by a panel of six judges. The judging panel looked at the following criteria in select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and three Honorable Mentions:

- The image reflected the shadows of the season or the spooky theater of Halloween

- The image possessed a dark, mysterious, or eerie feeling/mood

- The image expertly used ICM to add to the overall impression of the scene
1st Place - Aliki Rizopoulos2nd Place - Debbie Purdy3rd - Anita FanicHonorable Mention - Joanne JastrzebskiHonorable Mention - Kate BarclayHonorable Mention - Solange Boulet-Belanger