Daily Facebook Group Features for the Quarter of June-August 2022

The images featured here have been selected for recognition by the Admins of the ICMPhotoMag Facebook Group.

These features can also be seen in a special album in the group, as well, at FB Group Features on Website.

In the September 2022 we will feature a 3x3 grid (9 images) of our top quarterly picks from the images featured here in this viewing gallery, in an effort to more singularly recognize the ways in which photographers are using ICM to express their unique creative and artistic visions, as well as how they are contributing to the growth and evolution of ICM photography as an art form.

The features in this gallery will be refreshed each quarter. Next refresh will be 15 September 2022.
Jennifer LeeAndy MurrayJohn DonaldsonFadwa RouhanaMagali DonatThigh WannaSandy WelshBarb KelloggKim GoodmanPeter HicksonBarry ProleGenevieve RousseauMaureen DalyJohn DonaldsonSharon MulliganJanet BroughtonJane ZhaoTed SimonettRick SwitzerJeremy Hennell James