June Cover by Quinn SaineJune Cover by Quinn Saine

June Cover by
Quinn Saine

ChrisDale-CoverSampleSeptember Cover by Chris Dale Photography

September Cover by
Chris Dale


December Cover by
Pep Ventosa

March Cover by
Freeman Patterson

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As an example...if you subscribe July 15th, and your subscription allowed for the previous issue, which was released on June 15th, you would receive June 2020, September 2020, December 2020, March 2021, and June 2021, because your subscription end date would be after receiving 5 issues.

Please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this prior to purchasing an annual subscription.

I (Stephanie) met up with Andrew S. Gray Photography, via Zoom, to talk about ICMPhotoMag. We ended up having a lively discussion about the project, about ICM photography in general, and perhaps even tried to solve the world's problems (Lol!) in this 50 minute video on Andy's YouTube channel.

I hope our lively discussion will give you more insight into what this project means in the broader scheme of things and inspires you to be a member of this growing community.