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All New Subscriptions Begin with the December 2022 Issue.
For the current September 2022 issue, please purchase it separately as a single issue - September 2022.

Billed Automatically Once Annually until You Cancel.
***You must cancel your own subscription from your account management page (link found at the top of your download page and also provided in your order confirmation email) prior to the renewal date to avoid being automatically charged on the renewal date. The subscription system is set up this way by default, and there is no way to change this.***

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Please also note that you always have access to your magazine subscription at your unique account download link, and you can access each new issue of the magazine on the release date simply by going to your account download page...even if you do not receive an email notification.  Each new magazine will be found on your account download page on the release dates of 15 March, 15 June, 15 September, and 15 December.

An annual subscription to ICMPhotoMag will deliver 4 quarterly digital e-magazine products for the price of 3 to your account download page, beginning with the next issue (December 2022) after your subscription paymentat a 25% discount off the quarterly cover price of $13 per issue.

Once purchased, you will receive the next quarterly issue (December 2022), when it is released on December 15th, and the following 3 quarterly issues (March 2023, June 2023, and September 2023).

For a copy of the current September 2022 issue, you will need to purchase it as a single issue separately.

***All new subscriptions receive a free ICM tutorial download and
a free online version of the November 2021 Special Environmental Issue.

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Each issue of the magazine consists of the following:

  • A full online version of the e-magazine - this is a full, complete online version of the magazine that opens in your internet browser the same as any webpage does.  The online version is NOT a download or a pdf.  It is exactly as the name ONLINE version.  Please bookmark the link for the online version so that you may return to the magazine indefinitely in the future.
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  • A full facing-page viewing format pdf download version of the magazinethis is a full, complete PDF version of the magazine which will download to any device you use...i.e. computer, tablet, mobile phone...and will open via any pdf viewing app you may have on your device.  This version displays as facing-page spreads in your PDF viewer. 


Interested in seeing a shortened version of a previous issue of the magazine before deciding to subscribe?

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At the beginning of the magazine in 2020, I (Stephanie) met up with Andrew S. Gray Photography, via Zoom, to talk about ICMPhotoMag. We ended up having a lively discussion about the project, about ICM photography in general, and perhaps even tried to solve the world's problems (Lol!) in this 50 minute video on Andy's YouTube channel.

I hope our warm and friendly chat will give you more insight into what this project meant to me in the broader scheme of things from the very beginning, and I hope you can see how far things have come in just over two years in the evolution and expansion of ICMPhotoMag.  I hope it will also inspire you to be a member of this growing community.