June Cover by Quinn SaineJune Cover by Quinn Saine

June 2020 Cover by
Quinn Saine

ChrisDale-CoverSampleSeptember Cover by Chris Dale Photography

September 2020 Cover by
Chris Dale


December 2020 Cover by
Pep Ventosa

March 2021 Cover by
Freeman Patterson

June 2021 Cover by
Valda Bailey
1-ICMPhotoMag-September2021-Front Cover1-ICMPhotoMag-September2021-Front Cover
September 2021 Cover by
Roxanne Bouché Overton


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I (Stephanie) met up with Andrew S. Gray Photography, via Zoom, to talk about ICMPhotoMag. We ended up having a lively discussion about the project, about ICM photography in general, and perhaps even tried to solve the world's problems (Lol!) in this 50 minute video on Andy's YouTube channel.

I hope our lively discussion will give you more insight into what this project means in the broader scheme of things and inspires you to be a member of this growing community.